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Espire Retreat

The spiritual home for Horse and Human

What I offer at Espire

Equine Assisted Therapy

Horses are extremely spiritual animals and are amazing at mirroring the human which allows the person to look deep into themselves and embark on a journey of healing, release and self development.

A session with my horses varies from person to person depending on what the individual is looking to experience.

Unlike hands on horsemanship you do not have to have ever been near a horse in your life as they become the therapy and are there to help you. You learn how to use the horses body language to allow the horse to read you and then learn how to use that body language personally. The horses become the teacher!

Life coaching but guided in a psychic fashion, in other words I channel through information that you find you need to move forward.The life coaching can take many forms from through the equine therapy, sitting and chatting as talking to someone can be one of the greatest healers of all.

Psychic healing which I do with reiki but also channelling any tools that will help personal development and improve physical, mental and spiritual well being. I will find out what suitable remedies, crystals etc are needed. Checking whether your how/ work environment is safe and not damaging your health and well being on all levels.